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Cava Mezze Opens in Olney Tonight, Which Means Crazy Feta for Maryland

Another full-service restaurant from the Cava crew.

Cava Olney
Cava Olney
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Cava continues its D.C. domination with its latest location in Maryland.

A Cava Mezze opens in Olney today; here's a link to the menu. Expect a similar menu to the one in such locations as Clarendon and Barracks Row, with menu items like falafel fritters, crazy feta, grilled octopus, lamb sliders and more.  This is their full-service restaurant, not the fast-casual concept that has been sweeping the city.

There will be some new dishes for Olney, such as a pork souvlaki with an orange herb gremolata, as well as daily specials, like a $25 four course "Mezze Mania" Monday. There's seating for 90 at the restaurant, and local beers on tap.

Cava, 3122 Olney Sandy Springs Rd., Olney, Md.; website.