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Ranking Avocado Toasts, Fugu Returns to Kaz, More Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Avocado toast face-off

Washington City Paper ranks the city's various avocado toast offerings (though Cork's iconic version only gets ranked third). For non-avocado toast options, don't forget to consult the toasts map. [WCP, E]


A man was arrested for allegedly doing lines of cocaine on a restaurant tabletop. The site of the incident: Goody's in Clarendon. [ARLNOW]

Staying positive

The co-owner of the High Dive is critically ill and in need of an organ donation. Borderstan reports he's in good spirits as he awaits a transplant. [Borderstan]

Taking a break

Urban Heights is undergoing renovations and will be closed through the end of the year. Plans are for it to reopen, but details about potential changes are vague, according to Bethesda Magazine. A new concept could be coming, though. [BM]

Pufferfish season

Always wanted to try the notorious fugu, which can be poisonous if not handled properly? Kaz Sushi Bistro has a five-course menu dedicated to the delicacy. [FB]

The fugu (puffer fish) is a Japanese delicacy that many people never get the chance to try. In fact, only licensed cooks...

Posted by KAZ Sushi Bistro on Monday, December 21, 2015