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D.C. Dining Experts Share Their 2015 Standbys

Where the pros ended up again and again.

Le Diplomate
Le Diplomate
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

As per tradition, Eater asked a group of journalists, bloggers and friends of the site to weigh in on the year in food. First up, experts share their restaurant standbys during 2015.

Nevin Martell, freelance food writer: If I was just in the mood for a quick lunch, I was a frequent guest at Cava Grill, Mike Isabella's G, Beef n Bread, Taylor Gourmet, Sundevich and Jose Andres' Beefsteak (I love that tomato 'burger!'). Take out favorites were Wiseguy's NY-style pizza, Thip Khao's Lao awesomeness or the double patty burger and an ancient grains salad from Republic. When I had time to sit down and savor my meal, I dined at Rose's Luxury, Blue Duck Tavern, Tico, Le Dip and Brabo. Not to be forgotten are the coffee shops, including La Mano in Takoma Park, Shaw's Compass Coffee and Bump 'n Grind in Silver Spring.

Laura Hayes, freelance food writer and Thrillist DC author: Iron Gate, Maketto, Osteria Morini, Sushi Taro, and Baan Thai. And if we're in a judgment free zone, BUREDO!

Svetlana Legetic, Brightest Young Things founder: Mintwood, Duke's Grocery, Bombay Club any chance I get (forever and always), Le Diplomate and Lupo Verde for dinners, and Ghibellina in terms of happy hour. And I do love Thip Khao and wish it was MORE of a standby.

Holley Simmons, Express: I will always love Duke's Grocery for a quick bite and a good time, Menomale is tops for pizza, and Sushi Capitol does just about everything right.

Bill DeBaun, DC Beer: No surprises here, the list contains a number of places where you can pair great food and beer: Bluejacket, Right Proper, Pizzeria Paradiso, Daikaya.

Rebecca Cooper, Washington Business Journal: Green Pig in Clarendon, Kapnos (either location), District Taco, Daikaya

Alicia Mazzara, DCist: I feel like a broken record, but Bar Pilar is such a solid neighborhood spot, as is Bar Charley. I've started going to Kapnos frequently for brunch — you can always get a table and it's great for people like me who don't want to eat eggs benedict for the bazillionth time. For a nice special occasion meal, I find myself going back to the Red Hen and Table. And I'm a total sucker for the fried chicken thigh sandwich at Roofers Union and the pastas at Osteria Morini.

Carole Sugarman, outgoing Bethesda Magazine critic: Bistro Provence, Cava Mezze and Cava Mezze Grill, Persimmon, Sushiko

Eun Yang, NBC4: 2 Amys and Mintwood Place

Tom Sietsema, Washington Post critic: The Source, better than ever and mostly for dumplings at the bar

Warren Rojas, Roll Call: It wasn't that I found myself frequenting the same establishments so much as I kept putting a handful of favorites in my mouth year-round, including: mammoth, unwieldy, messy-as-hell beef ribs; cheese-and meat-filled arepas; citrusy radlers, bone-dry ciders and delectable specialty brews (vanilla-spiked hard root beer, anyone?); unapologetically over-the-top sandwiches (I'm looking at you, Reuben Knish from Buffalo & Bergen, and the towering eye-opener — featuring peppery bacon, crispy hash browns and runny eggs — that greeted me one fine morning at Waterfront Bar & Grill in San Diego).

Tommy McFly, 94.7 Fresh FM: Del Campo, Medium Rare, The Source, The Daily Dish and Osteria Mornini

Jessica Sidman, Washington City Paper: The restaurant I go to more often than any other is probably Baan Thai. It helps that I live close and they deliver for free. But beyond the laziness factor, I think it's some of the best Thai in the city, and it's the one place on 14th Street where I never have to wait or pay more than $20 for a meal (with leftovers!). Get the Thai vermicelli in chili peanut sauce.

Rina Rapuano, freelance food writer/Zagat: Crane & Turtle, The Royal, Blue Duck Tavern.

Stefanie Gans, Northern Virginia Magazine critic: I'm always happy at B Side and if it were in my neighborhood instead of a town center I'd be super happy. It's not new, but I still love Mokomandy in Sterling. Yes, go to Sterling. Also, I'm into Namaste for Indian.

Cori Sue Morris, Bitches Who Brunch: Le Diplomate and Central. I'm a steak frites and red wine girl.