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D.C. Drama on the Season Premiere of 'Top Chef'

Three locals are on this year's season.

Fleming's Vietnamese brodo dish.
Fleming's Vietnamese brodo dish.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

This season's first episode of 'Top Chef' saw a local chef throwing shade at a former 'Top Chef' competitor.

Barrel's Garret Fleming had some choice words for Mike Isabella in the season premiere (not to mention fellow competitor Marjorie Meek-Bradley). Meek-Bradley said to Fleming on the episode that she was surprised in the small town of D.C. that they'd never met before. Cut to Fleming and the camera:

"I know Marjorie has worked for a good amount of time with Mike Isabella, who's in my humble opinion serving one of the worst bastardizations of...Italian food in the history of the world. Hopefully she's got more chops than that."

Viewers reacted to the swipe on Twitter last night:

Smack-talking aside, Fleming's bravado wasn't enough to help him last through the first episode. The chef was sent to pack his knives and go home after being criticized for burned garlic, inconsistency and falling-apart noodles in his dish. Fleming called the experience "humbling" as he exited the show.

Meanwhile, everything wrapped up last night with a funny exchange between the two chefs on Twitter.

It's not the first time a D.C. chef has only lasted one episode. Dan O'Brien from "Seasonal Pantry," for example, was a one-episode competitor on the program in 2012.

Of his exit, Fleming said on Twitter: