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Random Search Terms That Brought Readers to Eater DC This Year

"Liz Lemon Banh Mi" brought them here.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Here are some of the most random, weird, and amusingly appropriate search terms that had readers landing on Eater D.C. this year. Naturally, there were also some porn-related ones, but let's stick to the clean-ish ones for these purposes. Behold:

"hawthorne juice" dc
i miss you anju
a baby of a wale is call what?
about how lbs of fries will a restaurant go through per month
are fried pickles best using spears or chips
are we over this moscow mule fad?
chuck norris
cocks handsome (note: this one had to lead to disappointment)
crabs do not eat a lot
current wait time at milk bar dc
dc area breastaurants
dc cupcakes world record
desserts that look like bacon
did i eat chicken ribs
did richard blais ever give mike izabella money?
donald trump plays hardball
donuts and gravy
douchiest bars in dc
exotic job for philosophy major
get burgers delivered to you
give me the brief history of pizza roulette
good restaurant in northwest dc to meet older single men
has the red hen restaurant in dc won awards?
have you tried bulgarian wine
hope gets dunked in marenara sauce
hope getting dunked in marinate sauce
houseboats for sale in dc
Hover over the menu items to see examples of what we can do.
how come guys dont like to eat sour
how has the washington dulles international airport improve the lives of the local community
how to get in n out delivered
i can't so i won't
i don't eat cheese anymore
i don't really eat because there's nothing that i like
is a restaurant reservation a contract?
is there a sour ham?
krampus parade dc
liz lemon banh mi
lovemy wifeafter 32 years
mike isabella t shirts
nora pouillon photo with blender
nutella star breath
old bay airport restaurant
old bay beer
old bay cal ripken
old bay chicken wings
old bay filet of fish
old bay ice cream
old bay tater tots
people who eat jelly fish
pot legalization
shark attack drink plastic shark
trump baloney sandwich
what motivated alexander graham bell to become a great inventor?
what side dish that goes with sausage
what the hell goes with a fried wonton
where cab i drink champagne in afternoon in dc
where can meet wealthy politics in dc
where do conservatives hang out in dc
which rasika in dc is better