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Mason Jars Everywhere in the Design of Mason Social

The new Alexandria bar is scheduled to open tomorrow.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Mason Social's name may come from Thomas Mason (an Alexandria mayor in the 1800s) but the design is taking the name in another direction. Translation: diners will see a lot of mason jars.

The restaurant, which is scheduled to open tomorrow, has a design inspired by The Belle Pre Bottle Company, which operated across the street from where the restaurant stands today back during Mason's era. There's a mural of the factory there as well. Other design touches include exposed brick, wooden finishes and a restroom description that reads "Men to the left because Women are always right." The interior designer is Rosalba Llenas.

Mason Social will serve dishes from chef Joseph Lennon, who is working on menu items such as a bone marrow burger and fried chicken thighs.

Mason Social, 728 North Henry St. Alexandria. Va., website.