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The Buzz on Georgetown Waterfront's Summery New Spot, Orange Anchor

"Like, they are truly committed to anchors and knots!"

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R. Lopez

Reese Gardner's new restaurant in the Washington Harbour is a place that screams summer. At Orange Anchor, beer is delivered in koozies, the look is preppy Vineyard Vines nautical, and the menu includes bacon-wrapped hot dogs. But despite the summer-y vibes, this place opened in a month when Washingtonians have weathered snow storms and frigid temperatures. Are folks still digging Orange Anchor? See what Yelp-ers, bloggers, and folks on social media have to say about the two-week-old restaurant.

The Soft Opening News: On Yelp, the restaurant is trending three and a half stars with eight reviews so far. Many of the Yelp reviews seemed to be based on the restaurant's soft opening, when food was half off. Yelper Baby M writes, "The food was just ok, if we had paid full price, we would have been sorely disappointed. It also seems to be a very mixed menu as if again they could not decide on what type of food they wanted to be know for. And instead tried to cover all possible bases."

But another Yelper, Brittany B., also went during the soft opening and had the opposite experience. She writes, "Very good food, great location, and fun boat drinks-this place will definitely be a hit. I came with my husband on their opening night, so I expected some issues with reservations and/or service as they worked out the kinks, but there were barely any hiccups! The menu is very well thought out, and includes items ranging from small plates to large entrees, all at a wide range of price points, so I can see it being appealing to almost any group. I love that they offer a free starter of freshly popped popcorn sprinkled with spices and Old Bay-yum!"

The Decor News: Pamela's Punch digs the design of the restaurant, writing, "Local designer Maggie O’Neill wows us once again with the fabulous details." And Mindy D. on Yelp wrote, "The nautical them is so cute and the design is spot on. Like, they are truly committed to anchors and knots! I really wanna wear a sailing outfit the next time I come! Ha!"

The Caviar Taco News: For ritzy boat owners, Urbandaddy recommends pulling out all the stops, writing, "Then get into Caviar Tacos with Yukon Gold potato shells, and Champagne Oysters, with the half-shells drained and filled with bubbly. Or just call ahead and let them deliver food and ice to your yacht."

The Brussels Sprouts News: On Twitter, @DivineStyleDC tweeted: "@OrangeAnchorDC obsessed with your yummy Brussels sprouts dish! Delicious! #needrecipe #bebacksoon."

The Anchor Dog News: On Yelp, Sylvie S. writes, "The hot dog was pretty good sized. (I should hope since its $14). There was a lot going on with it when it came out but after a bite realized it was a tad overcooked. I would recommend not doing the hot dog."

The "Can't Miss" With Boat Owners News: One boater loves it. Trevor G. writes, " Don't miss the champagne oysters or their pork - both offered great taste especially accompanied by their vast cocktail menu. This place is a can't miss and will be a must stop before and after getting back on your boat this summer!"

The Dreaming of Summer News: DC Modern Luxury senior editor Katie Bianco tweeted: "Thanks @OrangeAnchorDC for dinner last night! Your Champagne oysters, crab fritters and rum have me dreaming of summer!