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D.C. Scares Tim Ma, But He's Opening a Restaurant There Anyway

He's made some promotions at Maple Ave Restaurant to free up his time for new projects.

Tim Ma
Tim Ma
Larry French/Getty Images

Tim Ma has a D.C. restaurant in the works, the Washington Post reports. Details are scant, but Ma thinks his restaurant in the District will be open in 2016. Also, he tells the Post that he's intimidated by Washington. "D.C. scares me, I'm not going to lie. I've spent most of my life in Virginia, I'm comfortable in Virginia," he said

Ma has a lot of projects in the works: this D.C. concept is in addition to his Chase The Submarine sandwich shop, which is slated to open in the fall in Vienna. And he's adding a supper club called Gather + Feast where he'll go into homes, cook a meal for eight to 12 guests at $100 a head and then clean up the kitchen himself.

In order to make time for all these new concepts, Ma's promoting Juste Zidelyte at Maple Ave Restaurant to executive chef, and Ricardo Teves will become the restaurant's general manager.

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