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Mayor Bowser Picked Spike Mendelsohn to Chair D.C. Food Policy Council

He'll promote food economy, education and entrepreneurship.

Eater DC

Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the appointment of Spike Mendelsohn as the first chairman of D.C.'s Food Policy Council, an organization tasked with promoting food economy and entrepreneurship, improving food access and equity in all eight wards, and promoting urban agriculture and production.

The Food Policy Council was created in 2014 and is composed of 13 representatives from the nonprofit and for-profit worlds involved in the local food economy or food access, as well as 10 government agency non-voting members. They'll produce an annual report on the state of the local food economy, regulatory and policy barriers, best practices on food access, and funding priorities.

In a press release, Mendelsohn said his goal was to increase food education and access to quality food, which are the key to healthy food choices.