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Dessert Fans Can Follow Pastry Chef Chris Ford's #Pastrytakeover on Instagram

He's trying to start an Instagram movement for pastry chefs.

Dessert by Chris Ford
Dessert by Chris Ford
Butter Love and Hard Work

Pastry chef Chris Ford already has a pretty impressive Instagram account, @butterlovehardwork, filled with photos of candies, pastries and every other dessert possible. But Ford, who is Bryan Voltaggio's corporate pastry chef, is partnering with other chefs to create a movement on Instagram called #pastrytakeover.

Every month, Ford will switch Instagram accounts with different well-regarded pastry artists from around the world. When Ford and the chef swatches places (virtually), they'll share artistic photos of their creations to push the art of pastry further.

"I think this is a great way to bridge the gap for pastry chefs and get our craft more of a following. We will be bringing new ideas, theories and visuals to the forefront of the pastry world," Ford told Eater DC in an email. Last month, Ford switched Instagram accounts with Stephen Collucci, pastry chef of Colicchio & Sons, and today he is switching accounts with Michael Laiskonis, former Le Bernardin pastry chef and current creative director at the Institute of Culinary Education. Follow along on Ford's Instagram account and see a few images from #pastrytakeover below.

#pastrytakeover likes it's yo' birthday @stephencollucci @colicchio_sons

A photo posted by Chris Ford (@butterloveandhardwork) on

Banana bread/Ceylon ganache/Burnt banana butter/Frosted pecans (Granny's favorite) #pastrytakeover @butterloveandhardwork

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