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Dirty South and Taylor Gourmet Come Together for One Insane Sandwich

It's spicy. It's saucy.

The Memphis Raines Parkway
The Memphis Raines Parkway
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Two of D.C.'s sandwich makers have come together on one epic sandwich which will be available all of February.

The Memphis Raines Parkway is the brainchild of Taylor Gourmet and Dirty South Deli. It features a Crystal hot sauce-drenched chicken cutlet, crispy cucumbers, Gorgonzola cheese, black pepper and parmesan buttermilk dressing, kale and cabbage slaw and shaved red onion.

Find the sandwich at all Taylor locations until Feb. 28. It's priced the same as the other hoagies at Taylor ($7.49/$10.49).