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D.C.'s Cat Cafe Will Have a VIP Program Called 'The Gentlemeow’s Club'

"Okay, perk #1? EARLY access to the cat cafe!"

Crumbs & Whiskers

Want to be a VIP at Crumbs & Whiskers, the new project that founder Kanchan Singh hopes will be D.C.'s first permanent cat cafe? You've got until midnight on February 8 to sign up for the Gentlemeow's Club, a perks program for cat cafe supporters. The first perk members of the club will get is the ability to make reservations at the cat cafe when it opens before the general public, because apparently Singh is going to go ahead and assume there will be a long waiting list. "(Psst…in cities with existing cat cafes like Oakland and NYC, the wait to get a reservation is a few months long.) GET EXCITED," Singh writes in her email.

And there's a helpful diagram to determine how cat cafe reservations will be doled out:


Other vital Crumbs & Whiskers updates: A fundraising campaign is going live in a few weeks and Singh may have found a location. "We’re feeling pretty freaking good about a summer opening," Singh writes.