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Two Patrons Arrested at Queen Vic After Bar Says They Harassed, Punched Staffers

The bar posted about the incident on Facebook.

The Queen Vic
The Queen Vic
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Two patrons were arrested at The Queen Vic after allegedly harassing a bartender and then punching two staff members.

The H Street bar posted a detailed, graphic account of the incident on its Facebook page Saturday.

Last night, two d-bags came into The Vic and sat at the bar. After ordering a drink they proceeded to tell our bartender how she needed to be f****d hard by them. They were given the option of either going to the upstairs bar and leaving her alone or leaving. They didn't like either option and instead said that our other staff members should f*** her and "break her in two". So they were kicked out. After punching two members of staff and breaking our windows, the police arrested and charged them.
So first, we would like to say THANK YOU to our members of staff and our loyal regulars who immediately came to our defense, and showed amazing self restraint (even after being punched in the face). We know exactly how this could have gone down, but you all did the right thing and we are so very grateful for that.
Secondly, thank you to the police for arriving before things got too out of hand and dealing with the situation so effectively.
And last, to the two p****s who started all of this (whose names we are not going to post), you are so very, very lucky to be in a cell right now and not a hospital. Next time, you may not be so lucky.

There are currently almost 50 comments on the Facebook post, overwhelmingly in support of the bar's handling of the incident.