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Cathal Armstrong Is Planning an Asian Restaurant at The Wharf

It won't be for a few years, though.

Cathal Armstrong
Cathal Armstrong
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Big news for D.C. — Restaurant Eve's Cathal Armstrong is interested in opening an Asian restaurant in The Wharf development on the Southwest Waterfront.

And it's looking like it could happen. Armstrong said at a media event Tuesday evening that he's signed a letter of intent for a restaurant that would open in 2018. The restaurant would serve Filipino, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese food, possibly with four separate menus.

It's all in the early planning stages. Developers P.N. Hoffman and Madison Marquette are redoing The Wharf to be a destination, mixed-use location with a music venue from the 9:30 club, residences, shopping and restaurants.

Asian cuisine is a new cooking passion for the Virginia-based chef. He recently made permanent a $65, family-style Filipino tasting menu at Restaurant Eve, which has been gaining a following since it debuted as a seasonal offering. Armstrong, a frequent James Beard award nominee, has been eying D.C. for some time now.