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3 Upcoming Filipino Restaurants to Get Excited About in D.C.

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It's officially a trend.

Purple Patch
Purple Patch
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Cathal Armstrong's announcement that he hopes to open an Asian restaurant in D.C. means there are at least three Filipino-influenced restaurants coming to the city (eventually, anyway). It's a cuisine that's been hard to find in the D.C. area before this. Here's a guide to each of the new projects.

*Bad Saint

The players: Tom Cunanan, Nick Pimentel, Genevieve Villamora.

Description: This Columbia Heights project is one of 2015's more anticipated openings. Cunanan will prepare dishes like sauteed mung bean noodles and lumpiang shanghai. Two pop-up events previewing the restaurant proved immensely popular.

Location: 3226 11th St. NW.

Timeline: The most recent estimate is spring.

The line at the Bad Saint pop-up.

*Cathal Armstrong's Asian restaurant

The players: Cathal Armstrong, EatGoodFood

Description: Details are slim, but Armstrong has signed a letter of intent to do an Asian restaurant that will include Filipino dishes in Southwest D.C.

Location: The Wharf development

Timeline: Not until at least 2018

*Purple Patch

The players: Drew and Patrice Cleary, Jason Smith

Description: The replacement restaurant for Tonic will serve both classic Filipino dishes and American comfort food.

Location: 3155 Mount Pleasant St. NW

Timeline: The restaurant is just days away from opening.