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CityZen Lives On in One Chef's Video Love Letter

Jonathan Collins shot video footage over the course of CityZen's last year in business.


The Mandarin Oriental's acclaimed CityZen restaurant closed at the end of 2014 and longtime chef Eric Ziebold has moved on to focus on his own projects. But the team's accomplishments in the kitchen are immortalized in this video shot by Jonathan Collins, who tells Eater he is a former employee of CityZen and the current resident chef at Sur La Table Pentagon Row in Arlington. Collins tells Eater that working with Ziebold was a "life-changing experience" and he was inspired to create a video showcasing the CityZen team's work.

"Throughout my last year with CityZen I was able to capture some amazing video footage and in my spare time I do video edits and shoot film," Collins wrote in an email to Eater. "So it was simple to do a video looking through my eyes of the amazing entity that once was CityZen Restaurant. A video to showcase family, fun, and amazing food."

Watch here:

CityZen at Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC

1330 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024 202 787 6868