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Pitmasters is Using Different Smoking Methods for Different Meats

It's Wagshal's take on barbecue.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Pitmasters quietly opened in the back alley of Wagshal's last month, adding barbecue to the many offerings of the popular deli. Here are facts to know about the operation, located near American University:

*Right now they're offering eight different barbecue dishes, ranging from Carolina pork shoulder to Texas brisket. Here's the full menu.

Brisket from Pitmasters.

*Sides include cheesy grits, okra and collard greens.

*They're using different cooking methods for different meats. For the chicken, they're using a process they call "broasting," which involves marinating the meat and creating a lower-calorie alternative to fried chicken. They also have a large smoker they're calling a "Fast Eddie" and a rational vario-smoker that allows for more of a controlled process.

*Delivery is available in certain zip codes.

*There's no seating; three parking spaces are devoted to carry-out pickup.

Pitmasters, 4818 Yuma Street NW (back alley), website.