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Brunch and Lunch at The Partisan Means Pork Heart Hash and Roasts

The meat-centric restaurant expands its offerings.

The Partisan
The Partisan
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The Partisan will start serving both lunch and brunch next week, which means dishes like steak frites, rotisserie chicken and more.

The lunch menu is a mix of starters, salads, sandwich, main dishes and roasts. Some Red Apron dishes are joined with new offerings like an herbed roast beef, a wild oregano rubbed pork loin and rockfish tartare.

For brunch, the restaurant is putting its own spin on dishes like creamed chipped beef (here, it's chipped bresaola over white toast with a fried egg), and serving a Foie Gras French Toast panini with duck confit and smoked pork heart hash. They'll have brunch both Saturday and Sunday.

Adjoining restaurant Red Apron is also now serving an evening menu with sandwiches and snacks to cater to the Verizon Center and post-work crowd.

The Partisan

709 D Street Northwest, , DC 20004 (202) 524-5322 Visit Website