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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day, aka St. Patrick's Weekend

St. Baldrick's Day, Lucky Charms-infused cocktails, partying at 10 a.m., and going for another round on Wednesday.

R. Lopez

The day when everyone is Irish is almost here, and it's arriving just in time for some warm weather (Whether or not there will be sunshine is debatable.). And while St. Patrick's Day is technically this coming Tuesday, people will spend all weekend honoring the patron saint of Ireland, who is credited for getting rid of the island's snakes. Bars and restaurants have specials starting on Saturday, and there's something for everyone: flights of whiskey, Irish-y sandwiches, a rock concert, and really early partying. And if for some reason the next four days are just too busy, there's even something St. Paddy's Day themed on Wednesday. So enjoy the weekend when everyone is "part Irish."

Because One Day Isn't Enough: While the word "day" may be in St. Patrick's Day, Star & Shamrock believes the holiday should be four days long. Starting on Saturday, the "Ceilidh" (Gaelic for "party") doesn't stop until Tuesday. Every day is a bit different, and on Sunday, the spot is going family-friendly with $1 off beer and wine for parents. Follow them on Twitter (@StarShamrock) or on Facebook for the latest info during its festive four-day party.

Oh, Danny BoyJack Rose Dining Saloon is featuring Irish flights of whiskey, and guests can get started a bit early on the revelry when the rooftop terrace opens at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. While upstairs, people can enjoy the "Oh Danny Boy" fondue with aged Irish cheddar and Guinness with Irish soda bread. That should help absorb a few rounds of beer and whiskey. Call (202) 588-7388 for reservations.

Jack Rose.

Childhood, Meet Adulthood: On St. Paddy's Day, Dram & Grain (downstairs at Jack Rose Dining Saloon) is taking a cereal from childhood and making it suitable only for adults. The speakeasy's Lifted Luck Charm cocktail will feature 12-year-old Jameson, pistachio orgeat (a sweet syrup), and a few other ingredients. But the kicker is the Lucky Charm-infused heavy cream. We can guarantee you didn't have this as a kid. Reservations can be made by texting (202) 607-1572.

Nothing Can Be Wrong Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol: To honor Saint Patrick and everything he has done, all month long Dolcezza is featuring its Irish Coffee Gelato at its shops. With Stumptown Coffee and Jameson Irish Whiskey, it's a great way to get a cold buzz during business hours.

Being Green Is DeliciousGlen's Garden Market will have "green" beers on tap this Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. And by "green," the grocery store in Dupont means the beers are environmentally friendly.

St. Patrick's Day Is Kind of CheesyGCDC has a special grilled cheese to honor St. Patrick's Day. Called "The Poet", the sandwich has corned beef and cabbage on rye with some Irish cheddar. It'll be available from Monday, March 16 until Friday, March 20. And on St. Patrick's Day itself, a pint of Murphy's Irish Stout is $6 all day.

This Bash is HugeShamrock Fest is billed as the largest St. Patrick's Day celebration in the country. Not only does the fest have more than 30 performances at RFK Stadium Grounds, but it also has vendors and cocktails galore. When was the last time you heard Blues Traveler? Not since the 1990s. Party starts on Saturday at 3 p.m. and tickets are definitely needed.

Drinking Starts Real Early on SaturdayKelly's Irish Times boasts more than 100 years of history on its pub walls, and several news outlets has called Kelly's one of the top 10 Irish pubs in the U.S. Maybe it's because the spot goes all out for St. Patrick's Day, starting the party on Saturday at 10 a.m. That's right, 10 in the morning. That's before most people even think about brunch. Just don't think about drinking any of the unopened beers from the 1800s. No cover charge to attend this spectacle.

Kelly's Irish Times.

Do Something Good: Bloomingdale's Boundary Stone and the DC United team are celebrating St. Baldrick's Day on Sunday, March 15 at 3 p.m. Participants will shave their heads to raise funds for children with cancer. Boundary Stone is hoping to raise $15,000 at their third annual head shaving event, and several DC United players with be both the barbers and bartenders.

Hair of the Dog on Wednesday: The day after St. Patrick's Day will be a time for calling in "sick" and nursing hangovers. Fortunately, for those seeking a boozy remedy, Greg Engert is hosting the Day After St. Paddy's Day Hangover Cure with New Belgium Brewery at ChurchKey. No tickets needed. Just head upstairs to score a glass. And remember, Thursday is still a work day. So take it easy.