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Bullfrog Bagels Will Team Up with Mess Hall to Keep Up with Demand

People really, really want their bagels.

Mess Hall
Mess Hall
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Bullfrog Bagels has proven to be quite the hit in D.C., whether it be from the bagel company's pop-up events or its semi-permanent space within Star & Shamrock restaurant. They're so popular, in fact, that they're having trouble keeping up with peak bagel demand.

That's where Mess Hall comes in. The company has struck up a partnership with the food incubator to run their kitchen operations out of there, beginning yesterday. The move allows them to keep up with new opportunities, such as providing bagels for all the Tryst Restaurant Group restaurants. They're also doing more wholesale work, too.

Bullfrog is also going to be working with DGS Delicatessen and expanding delivery services in the future, according to the announcement. They plan to host a launch dinner at Mess Hall later in March.