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Daikaya's Team is Traveling to Japan to Research a Second Ramen Shop

The new project is coming to Shaw this fall.

R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

News broke earlier today that the team from Daikaya — Daisuke Utagawa, Yama Jewayni and Katsuya Fukushima — plan to open a second restaurant in the Shaw neighborhood in D.C.

Utagawa confirmed the plans to Eater today, saying his team is about to embark on another research trip to Japan to figure out specifics for the second restaurant. The restaurant will be a ramen house (there are no plans for an izakaya component like the original Daikaya has upstairs, at least right now now). Edit Lab at Streetsense will design the second restaurant, as they did the first.

Like the original downstairs of Daikaya, Sapporo-style ramen will be the focus of the second restaurant (which doesn't have a name yet), though there will likely be some differences from the first location. They have more space to work with at the new place, too. A fall opening is the target.