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See The Progress at the Historically-Minded Provision No. 14

Bar stools made out of oil drums. A screen made out of old Victorian porch doors.

Provision No. 14. is slated to open at the corner of 14th and V Street in late March, and the restaurant's look is designed to erase any memories of the building's former tenant. "We wanted to make sure this space looks nothing like the old Diego's. We think that's been accomplished," Mike Bramson of Social Restaurant Group said.

Serene blue-ish grey paint inside and a new exterior paint job along with Victorian antiques and cool custom furniture and light fixtures go a long way towards making it happen. Designed by Swatchroom and inspired by the turn-of-the-century travel and importing and exporting (really!), the two-story restaurant boasts bars on each level and large patio outside.

This will be the first restaurant for the newly formed Social Restaurant Group, and Provision No. 14 will serve American cuisine that's meant for sharing, from large bottled cocktails for groups to snack plates and communal boards.