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D.C. Loves 7-Eleven; Why Restaurant Family Meals Are Going Public

And a non-disclosure agreement for barbecue.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

EXPANSIONS—D.C. is 7-Eleven's number one market in the country for hot foods, the Washington Post reports, and the convenience store's plan is to continue opening about 15 to 20 stores every year for the next three to five years. [WaPo]

TRENDS—Young & Hungry investigates why D.C. bars and restaurants like Table and Chaplin's Restaurant are opening up their industry nights and family meals to the public, and why diners want in. [WCP]

FOOD MEDIA—The Kojo Nnamdi Show invited Rose's Luxury's Aaron Silverman, restaurateur Paul Ruppert and Washingtonian magazine critic Todd Kliman to talk about how they’re contributing to the cultural fabric of D.C. [WAMU]

NORTHWEST—Wagshal’s Pitmasters Back Alley BBQ is so protective of its recipes, staff members must sign non-disclosure agreements. [Express]