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Jack Rose Sells More than 10,000 Whiskeys in a Year

And they soon will have 2,015 whiskeys to choose from.

Jack Rose
Jack Rose
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Jack Rose plans to celebrate the addition of its 2,015th whiskey (yes, that means they'll have more than 2,000 bottles in their collection) on Wednesday with a "2,015 bottles in 2015" event. That's only one of many impressive whiskey-related stats the destination bar can boast.

Meanwhile, that 2,015th bottle? An exclusive to Jack Rose single-barrel of Willett that event attendees will get a taste of tomorrow. Learn more about Jack Rose's whiskey collection in this edition of By the Numbers.

5.5 Years: How long it would take to try one of Jack Rose's whiskeys every day, and make it through the collection.

10,331: Bottles of whiskey they sell per year

262,000: Ounces of whiskey they sell per year

28: Bottles of whiskey they sell (on average) in a day. Jack Rose works hard to avoid the idea of "price protecting" its bottles, owner Bill Thomas explained (some other bars price whiskeys prohibitively high to keep them as part of their collection). "Jack Rose is a library, not a museum," he says. "The bottles aren't just meant to be stared at, they're meant to be drunk." He jokes it can be cheaper to fly to D.C., drink at Jack Rose and then fly back home than it is to drink at other high-end whiskey bars.

1,080: Number of Scotch whiskies at the bar

1,000: Number of Glencairn whiskey glasses they have lost, had stolen or broken since opening

$1,200: Most expensive 2 oz pour at Jack Rose (Black Bowmore 1964 1st Edition Sherry Cask)

250: Number of water droppers stolen each year

83: How many feet long the saloon bar reaches

70: Pages in the Jack Rose whiskey/whisky book

31: Number of states represented in the collection

14: How many countries the whiskeys in their collection come from

6: Different glass options for whiskey at Jack Rose (from large snifter to rocks glass)

5: Number of designated whiskey advisors on staff

5: Total bars within Jack Rose itself that serve whiskey

Jack Rose Dining Saloon

2007 18th Street Northwest, , DC 20009 (202) 588-7388 Visit Website