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Opening Alert: Georgetown Gets a Steak Frites Restaurant Tomorrow

The owners of the new Maxime are pushing “La Formule,” a $19.95 meal with bread, salad, steak and frites.

Steak frites
Steak frites

Steak frites place Maxime is opening in Georgetown on Thursday in what was the Rialto space, the Washingtonian reports. That's at 2915 M St, NW, or the past home of The Guards.

Maxime is from the owners of Bodega and Thunder Burger, who decided to switch their restaurant Rialto over to a more casual concept. The new restaurant will have a $19.95 meal which includes steak, "secret sauce," salad, frites, and bread. But that's not the only option. Maxime will also serve menu items like salmon, marinated portobello mushroom, onion soup, mussels and quiche.

Maxime, 2915 M St. NW, no website yet.

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