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Inside Beefsteak, José Andrés' Whimsical Tribute to Vegetables

The fast-casual restaurant is the first of many.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

José Andrés' unleashed Beefsteak, his vegetable-centric fast-casual restaurant, on D.C. Friday. The restaurant is situated on the George Washington University campus. Throughout the place are cartoonish designs, many depicting vegetables. The restaurant's also characterized by natural wood framing and screens (not to mention vegetable crates hanging from the ceiling), shots of plant life and an assembly-line set-up. Staff are dressed in bright blues and black, wearing jaunty hats.

Beefsteak offers both pre-designed bowls, featuring ingredients like quinoa, edamame, yellow squash and bok choy, and customizable options. Diners can combined both cooked and raw vegetables, sauces and dressings, and both grains and crunchy accents. Those who absolutely must have meat can add a topping like roast chicken or salmon. They also serve wine and beer.

A second location of Beefsteak is already on the way, with more to come.


800 22nd Street Northwest, , DC 20052 (202) 296-1439 Visit Website