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Comparing D.C.'s Prix Fixe Steak Frites Spots

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Which is the best value?

Spike Mendelsohn at Bearnaise
Spike Mendelsohn at Bearnaise
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Tonight, a new steak frites prix fixe option opens in D.C.: Maxime, which will replace Rialto in Georgetown.

This place follows the formula of several other Washington restaurants. Each operates in the mode of similar concepts in France: one price gets a diner steak frites, and often a salad or other accompaniment. Some places basically only have steak frites on the menu; others pad out the menu with other choices.

Here's how the prix fixe options stack up in D.C. (another similar restaurant, No. 82 Steak Out, closed in Rockville this January). Not into a set menu? Check out these other options for steak frites in Washington.

The Restaurant: Bearnaise

Description: Spike Mendelsohn's ode to steak frites on Capitol Hill.

Location: 315 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Price: $28 for flat-iron (there are also choices like ribeye for $40 and filet mignon for $42)

What it Gets You: An 8 oz flat iron steak, salad or soup, unlimited fries, sauce.

Other Menu Options: Plenty: dishes like duck confit and chicken palliards, plus appetizers and an entire brunch menu.


The Restaurant: Medium Rare

Description: Mark Bucher was the first restaurateur in recent years to open such a concept in D.C. Now there are two: one in Cleveland Park and another on Capitol Hill.

Editor's Note: A reader points out Georgetown used to have Le Steak back in the 70s as well, so Bucher was not the first.

Location: Cleveland Park: 3500 Connecticut Ave. NW Capitol Hill: 515 8th St. NW

Price: $19.75

What it Gets You: Bread, Culotte steak with sauce, salad, frites (and second helpings of steak).

Other Menu Options: Not too much, though there's a vegetarian alternative, desserts and steak and eggs options for brunch.

Medium Rare

The Restaurant: Maxime

Description: This new steak frites place replaces Rialto in Georgetown tonight.

Location: 2915 M St. NW

Price: $19.95, plus more for extras like foie gras or other grades of steak

What it Gets You: Baguette with butter, salad, a half-pound grass-fred sirloin steak, frites and sauce

Other Menu Options: Appetizers, several varieties of moules frites, desserts, and vegetarian and seafood alternatives.