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Founding Farmers is Bringing in about $300k Per Week in Tysons Corner

The restaurant is doing crazy business in a challenging market.

Founding Farmers Tysons
Founding Farmers Tysons
Evan Carter/Official
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Tysons Corner has notoriously been a challenging restaurant market, but that didn't stop Founding Farmers from opening up its latest location there. And their gamble seems to be working — if early sales are any indication, the area is starved for a homestyle, farm-to-table restaurant from a local operator.

"We feel that a lot of what we've seen with the favorable response and demand from guest is because of the overall value we provide," said Dan Simons, partner and concept developer for Farmers Restaurant Group. "It's easy to get to, easy to park, and it's a big beautiful new restaurant that's not a [national] chain."

Here are some early stats from the restaurant, which opened in early February and has been the most successful opening for the company to date in terms of projected numbers, reservation bookings, new guests brought in and more.

1,000+: The number of guests the restaurants served on opening day.

1,200: Average number of guests they're serving for day (Friday and Saturday nights are the most crowded, unsurprisingly).

$250,000-$300,000: Average weekly sales so far.

265: Number of seats in the restaurant.

$14.40/$26/$37.75: Average check prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4,700+: Number of guests that have tried the buffet brunch so far.

3,000+: Number of Spicy Fried Chicken and Jefferson Donut orders they've filled in the past month (it's the most popular entree).

880+: How many people who have ordered the Cucumber Delight cocktail.

75+: Number of free parking spaces at the restaurant's garage.

87%: Percentage of guests who have ordered something from the bar.

Founding Farmers

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