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The Early Buzz on Alexandria's Mason Social, Home of So Many Mason Jars

Here's what Yelpers and bloggers are saying.

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R. Lopez

It's been almost two weeks since Mason Social opened in Alexandria's Parker-Gray neighborhood, serving up dishes like marrow burgers and fried chicken thighs as well as craft cocktails and local brews in mason jars. So it's time to check in on what diners are saying online about the newest addition to Alexandria's restaurant scene. [Yelp]

The Decor News: On Yelp, Mason Social already has 25 reviews and is trending toward three and a half stars. Yelper Julianne M. is digging those mason jars, writing, "Ambience is super chill, the decor is gorgeous and quite Pinterest-eqse." [Yelp]

The "Cheers" News: On Don Rockwell, Simul Parikh wrote, "I liked the environment, Parker Grey is starting to happen. I imagine this will do for this area what Evening Star did for Del Ray in the mid 1990s. I'm very happy this place opened up. I liked the food, but didn't absolutely love it, but hopefully that gets better with time, and I'll become Norm here." [DR]

The Late Night Bar Menu News: Tastemade posted a video review and is very stoked that Mason Social is open late. [TM]

The Cocktail News: Runnin' Donna left a Foursquare tip, saying, "Amazing house cocktails!" On Twitter, Jesse O'Connell wrote: "Crazy excited that @eatmasonsocial has joined the Braddock neighborhood. Easily my new favorite bar in Alexandria, fantastic cocktails." Meanwhile, Urbandaddy picks out two beverages at the bar: "Or just head for the bar, should you be in the mood for a Port City on draft or hibiscus-infused gin. Both of which may be served in mason jars." [FS, Twitter, UD]

The Pricing News: Max X. wasn't sold on the pork belly pricing, writing on Yelp, "The Pork Belly was delicious, but for $12, you only get one piece about one inch cubed in size. While the pork belly was cooked very well with crispy skin, both of us thought it was overpriced for a single piece." Ryan Y. wrote on Yelp, "Everything on the menu seems a bit overpriced, but I guess that's the norm for this area. For a neighborhood bar/restaurant, really would have liked to see some mid-priced items for the everyday customer. [Yelp]

The Beer Mussels News: Nicole Y was not a fan of the mussels, writing on Yelp: "The beer mussels were underwhelming. Served on a shallow plate, you don't get to experience the broth until the bottom of the dish. While the bacon scattered throughout was delicious, some of the mussels were a little funky and the broth was intolerably salty. INTOLERABLY SALTY. One couldn't even dip the bread into the broth to enjoy it." But Yelper Dora E. disagreed, writing, "The mussels are delicious with the crispy pancetta. They let the flavors of the mussels speak volumes. The chef did not over season the broth to the point you cannot taste the mussels." [Yelp]

The Marrow Burger News: A few customers had a similar complaint about the marrow burger. On Don Rockwell, Bart edited his post to say, "I forgot to mention there was no marrow taste or flavor detected in the Marrow Burger." Yelper Monique D. wrote, "There was next to no marrow taste, and the rest of the toppings looked like something you can get on a Five Guys cheeseburger for half the price." [DR, Yelp]

Mason Social

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