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Elevation Burger Gets into the Chicken Business

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They're aiming to be the country's largest restaurant seller of organic chicken with their latest offering.

Elevation Burger
Elevation Burger
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Elevation Burger is moving beyond beef.

The Falls Church-based restaurant chain will begin selling products that use organic chicken in all 50 locations of its restaurants. According to a press release, they plan to soon become the largest American restaurant seller of organic chicken as a result.

The move means new menu items like a grilled chicken sandwich, grilled chicken breast tenderloins and a chicken add-on for salad. They'll also do some limited-time offerings throughout the year.

The chicken is USDA-certified organic, and raised in open pastures. The restaurant is partnering with locally-based Cuisine Solutions to provide sous-vide chicken breasts for them (which the company will finish on the grill).