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Bourbon Steak Hosts Jeremiah Langhorne; No Blossoms in Dairy Godmother's Custard

Plus, a special dinner with Tim Ma at Brabo.

Bourbon Steak
Bourbon Steak
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

DEL RAY— Tourists can't seem to figure out the Dairy Godmother's Cherry Blossom-inspired custard flavor. "And so it begins...'No,there are no actual blossoms in the custard. The Park service frowns on that.' 'No blossoms?' 'Nope,'" Tweets the shop. [Twitter]

ALEXANDRIA— Tim Ma is teaming up with Harper McClure for an "East Meets West" theme dinner at Brabo next Tuesday. For $65, guests will try dishes from both chefs. On this menu, expect items like a foie gras croquette and cold soba noodles with live sea scallop. [EaterWire]

GEORGETOWN— Bourbon Steak is hosting a dinner with Jeremiah Langhorne, chef of the upcoming restaurant The Dabney, next Wednesday. It's $105 per person for five courses and they're calling it a "Home Away From Home" dinner since the restaurant has not yet opened. Langhorne knows Bourbon Steak chef Joe Palma from their Charleston days. [EaterWire]