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11 D.C. Chefs Share Their Favorite Local Burgers

Their picks include fancy burgers and not-so-fancy burgers alike.

Woodmont Grill
Woodmont Grill
Facebook/Woodmont Grill

Everyone has a favorite burger. Some might prefer simple dressings like American cheese and lettuce, while others may go big with expensive beef and elaborate toppings.

In honor of burger week, Eater DC asked D.C. chefs to share their favorite local burgers and what they love about them. Here are some of the responses:

Facebook/Holy Cow

Facebook/Holy Cow

Will Artley, BLT Steak

Artley's favorite burger is called The Big Deal, and it's found at Holy Cow (2312 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria) in Del Rey. It's made with a 1/3 lb beef patty on a brioche roll with a fried egg, cheddar, provolone, bacon and horseradish aioli.

Artley says he always adds pickles and even plans special trips for the sandwich during his ironman training sessions.

"After 75 miles on the bike, there isn't a better, well-prepared burger I have had...I'd ride 200 miles for one,"  he says.

Kyle Bailey, Birch and Barley

Chef Bailey keeps it simple, preferring a Five Guys burger with two patties, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, pickled jalapenos and hot sauce.

Facebook/Le Diplomate Le Diplomate/official photo

Facebook/Le Diplomate

Nathan Beauchamp, The Fainting Goat

Beauchamp's pick is Le Diplomate's (1610 14th St NW) Burger Américain.

"I'm a big fan of American cheese on burgers. And I like thin patties, and the bread-to-meat ratio is perfect," he says."I've never eaten a Big Mac in my life but now I want to, because Le Dip's burger is that amazing."

Sarah Biglan, Right Proper Brewing Company

Score another vote for keeping it simple. Sarah says she usually opts for the "little cheeseburger" from Five Guys with lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup.

"I like that it's not really 'little' and not overpriced," she says.

Facebook/Black Jack

Facebook/Black Jack

Colleen Conrad, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

Colleen enjoys the Dive Burger at Pearl Dive's upstairs neighbor Black Jack (1612 14th St. NW). It's made with two beef patties, cayenne aioli, green chilies, pepper jack cheese and bacon.

"I barely get to leave the kitchen and make so many of them you'd think I'd be sick of it by now, but it is one of my favorites," she says.

Facebook/Woodmont Grill

Facebook/Woodmont Grill

Mike Friedman, The Red Hen

"I'd like to be really clear: I love burgers," Friedman says.

He points to the cheeseburger at Woodmont Grill (7715 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda) as a nostalgic favorite that never lets him down.

"They grind their meat every day, and their burger isn't fancy or gussied up with toppings or wild flavors," he says.

Logan McGear, Smoke and Barrel

Chef McGear lauds the bleu burger at his neighborhood spot Boundary Stone (116 Rhode Island Ave NW).

"The burger is always juicy and the beet underneath the patty serves as a good vehicle so the bottom bun doesn't get to soggy," he says.

Facebook/Bourbon Steak

Facebook/Bourbon Steak

George Pagonis, Kapnos

When prompted, Pagonis instantly thinks back to his first time having a burger at the Bourbon Steak lounge (2800 Pennsylvania Ave, NW), pointing to the oak-fired prime steak burger as a favorite on the menu.

He also says that a side of duck fat fries is a must.

Courtesy of Mintwood Place

Courtesy of Mintwood Place

Claudio Pirollo, Et Voila

Claudio loves the wood-grilled, dry-aged cheese burger at Mintwood Place (1813 Columbia Rd NW).

"What I really love is the combination of flavor and also the texture of the different ingredients, and of course the taste of wood grill on the meat is impeccable," he says.

Courtesy of The Partisan The Partisan [Official photo]

Courtesy of The Partisan

Dieter Samyn, B Too

Dieter, the chef de cuisine at this Belgian restaurant enjoys the Triple Stack Burger at The Partisan (709 D St. NW).

"It has it all," he says. It's got a double patty, American cheese, bacon-braised onions and a little bit of spice.

"And after all it is messy, a burger is always better when it is messy," he says.

Facebook/Duke's Grocery Photo: Duke’s Grocery

Duke's Grocery/Photo: Laura Hayes (Courtesy of Thrillist)

Ed Scarpone, DBGB

Chef Scarpone recommends the burger at Duke's Grocery (1513 17th St., NW) near Dupont Circle. The menu changes daily according to ingredients, but a burger is usually available.

"I get it with cheese and a duck egg," he says. "A classic London burger, simple with good quality ingredients, is my favorite kind of burger."