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Neyla is Moving; Peter Chang Rockville Update

Plus, a new gig for Antonio Burrell, and Phyllis Richman talks Arlington.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

RESTON— Neyla is moving from Georgetown to Reston. Northern Virginia Magazine reports it will replace Paulo's in the beginning of May. [NoVa Mag]

ARLINGTONFormer Washington Post food critic Phyllis Richman reflects on how Arlington was a pioneer when it came to ethnic cuisine years ago. Now, restaurants lean upscale casual instead. [AM]

ATLAS DISTRICT— Chef Antonio Burrell says on Don Rockwell's forum that he has a new gig. He's cooking at Driftwood Kitchen. [DR]

ROCKVILLE— Monday is now the planned opening date for Peter Chang Rockville, according to the Washington Post. The chef plans to be based there for awhile, too. [WaPo]