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Where to Find Chain Veggie Burgers in D.C.

Can vegetarians survive at these burger joints?

Elevation's Vegan Burger
Elevation's Vegan Burger
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Vegetarians often don't exactly feel at home at a burger joint. But some outlets do make an effort to cater to the non-meat-eating crowd. Here's how local chains stack up when it comes to vegetarian options.

The Chain: Burger King

The Burger: Burger King's Veggie Burger is actually a Morningstar patty topped with the usual lettuce, tomato and onion.

The Chain: Elevation Burger

The Burger: Elevation actually has two vegetarian options: The #1 incorporates cheese into the patty, while the #2 is vegan and grain-based.

The Chain: Smashburger

The Burger: Smashburger has a black bean burger that can be used as the base with any of their toppings. It is not vegan.

The Chain: The Counter

The Burger: The burger joint has a homemade version that's also vegan, with ingredients like corn, rice and black beans.

The Chain: Plan B Burger Bar

The Burger: The menu boasts a homemade veggie burger option which can be customized with toppings.

The Chain: Be Right Burger

The Burger: BRB lists "The Vegetarian Burger" as a special.

The Chain: Burger 7

The Burger: The chain has a "vegan burger" that diners can add various toppings to.

The Chain: BurgerFi

The Burger: The VegiFi burger is made from a crispy quinoa base and topped with white cheddar, lettuce and tomato.

The Chain: Z-Burger

The Burger: Z-Burger's veggie burger has a black bean-based patty.

The Chain: BGR

The Burger: BGR's veggie burger is made from brown rice, black beans, molasses and oats.

The Chain: Red Robin Burger Works

The Burger: Red Robin dresses up a Gardenburger-brand patty for its veggie burger.

The Chain: Shake Shack

The Burger: Shake Shack's 'Shroom Burger has a whole portabello mushroom as the patty.

The Chain: Burger 21

The Burger: Burger 21 has two vegetarian options: a black bean burger and The Greek, topped with feta.

The Chain: Good Stuff Eatery

The Burger: Good Stuff's 'Shroom Burger is accented with cheddar and Muenster cheeses.