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Will PYT Ever Come to D.C.?

For Chain Burger Power, Eater DC checked in with several cult favorite burger chains to see if they have any intention of coming to D.C.

PYT's D'uh Nut Cheesesteak Burger
PYT's D'uh Nut Cheesesteak Burger
Nick Solares/
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Philadelphia's PYT is known for its crazy burgers, from Pizza and Wing Burgers to Pickleback Burgers. Though technically not a chain yet, the restaurant does have hopes for expansion. And the company's been saying for about a year that D.C. is on its radar.

That's still the case, according to spokesman Tommy Up. "D.C. is on the radar for sure," he said via email. "It's the burger battleground of the nation."

The company is working to make this more of a tangible reality. No leases are signed, but they're working with franchising company Fransmart on their D.C. expansion, he said. Right now, they're looking at options on who to partner with on the enterprise.