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Stanton & Green's Woong Chan Misses In-N-Out, Too

Eater asked a couple bartenders to share favorite chain burgers.

Stanton & Greene
Stanton & Greene
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

If In-N-Out ever ventures to the East Coast, Stanton & Greene bartender Woong Chang may just be the first person in line.

"In-N-Out all the way," Chang said. "Growing up in the suburbs of Southern CA, all of my significant high school memories involved In-N-Out: football games, dances, dates, make-out sessions, break-ups, you name it, I feel like they all happened at In-N-Out. But, their double-double honestly changed the way I view fast food burgers. Also, if you are in the 'know', there are so many hidden items on the menu. I once ate a 9-by-9 animal style as a dare; yes ,that's 9 patties and 9 slices of cheese. I disgust myself sometimes."