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From Asheville to Arlington: Tupelo Honey Cafe Aims for a June 1 Opening

It's their first Virginia location.

Tupelo Honey Cafe
Tupelo Honey Cafe
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Asheville-based Southern restaurant Tupelo Honey Cafe is working towards a June 1 opening in Arlington.

The restaurant will open at 2001 Clarendon Boulevard. It is the first Virginia location for the restaurant group, which started expanding back in 2011. There are 11 branches of the restaurant now, with another opening in Virginia Beach this July.

Tupelo Honey Cafe is from chef Brian Sonoskus. Menus are standard across locations, but change seasonally. Items range from Southern small plates to breakfast any time to dishes like fried chicken and biscuits and porterhouse pork chops.