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D.C.'s Cat Cafe Won't Make the Food on Premises

They'll work with a neighboring restaurant.

Crumbs & Whiskers
Crumbs & Whiskers
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

This week's Young & Hungry column is about Crumbs & Whiskers, D.C.'s upcoming cat cafe, and there are some interesting tidbits on how exactly the cafe is going to operate.

Initially, Singh planned to have two completely separate spaces—one with cats and another separate area with a kitchen—but it wasn’t going to be easy to have an air-tight division in the older property. Plus, the cafe portion would mean less room for cats. Ultimately, Singh has decided not to prepare or store any food or drinks on-site. Instead, Singh is looking to partner with a restaurant nearby, who will make, package, and deliver any food or drink listed on the cat cafe’s menu. "They still get the cafe experience, but we’re not going to be a cafe," she says. "I figured people are here for the cats anyway." [WCP]

The move means the Department of Health will have less direct involvement with Crumbs & Whiskers, according to the report. Cat cafe customers will pay a cover and get a time slot for the cafe. A summer opening is planned.