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Bozzelli's Gives St. Louis-Style Pizza a Try

The style of pizza has a cult following.


The D.C. area now has another option for St. Louis-style pizza.

Bozzelli's Deli & Pizza sampled out St. Louis-style pizza at its Crystal City location yesterday. Co-owner Michael Bozzelli tells Eater that the restaurant developed their own custom blend of American, provolone and cheddar cheese (inspired by the traditional Provel) especially for these pies.

The pizzas, defined by a cracker-thin crust and cut into squares, are only available by word of mouth right now. Bozzelli hopes to eventually launch St. Louis-style pizza at their three other Northern Virginia locations, too.

The family-owned deli and pizzeria, in operation since 1978, also has plans to expand to D.C. in the near future as well, though Bozzelli did not share specifics.

St. Louis-style pizza is tough to find in D.C., though District of Pi from a St. Louis-based company.

Editor's Note: Despite their headquarters, a rep for District of Pi says the pizza is not specifically done in the St. Louis style.