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Blue Duck Tavern Gets Into the Homemade Pop-Tart Game

They've got a strawberry rhubarb version.

Strawberry rhubarb pop tart at Blue Duck Tavern
Strawberry rhubarb pop tart at Blue Duck Tavern
Heather Freeman PR

Another restaurant in D.C. is putting a new spin on the pop-tart. Pastry chef Naomi Gallego gives the humble breakfast treat an upscale makeover at Blue Duck Tavern. The playful dessert, inspired by the classic springtime pie, is served with a white chocolate lime cream.

The restaurant follows in the footsteps of Ted's Bulletin, which is known for making the pastry in various flavors. Bourbon Steak has also experimented with a savory "pig tart."

"Since we are an American restaurant serving classic American fare, it is important for me to find things that fit within that category and flavor profile," pastry chef Gallego said. The restaurant is known for its giant apple pie for two, but the current dessert selection also includes other nostalgic treats like a root beer float and malted milk chocolate pudding.

The menu changes seasonally, so these homemade pop tarts will only be available until summer. They're currently priced at $10.

Blue Duck Tavern

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