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Alex McCoy Now Has Two Projects in the Works

The Duke's Grocery vet is researching dishes in Southeast Asia right now.

Duke's Grocery
Duke's Grocery

Alex McCoy is currently traveling in Southeast Asia to plan the menu of his upcoming restaurant. The Washington Post recently caught up with him in Thailand where he's eating grasshoppers, crickets, and khao soi noodle soup in the name of research.

McCoy and his business partner Hunter Campbell actually have two restaurant projects in the works. One will offer a diverse range of dishes from Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. McCoy says the other will be more similar to Duke's Grocery. The chef left that restaurant back in January.

McCoy and Campbell hope to open one of the restaurants by August.  No word on locations yet— they're in the bidding process right now. The chef also recently wrapped filming on "Food Network Star," which he'll appear on this season (another local, Emilia Cirker, is also slated to appear).