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Tom Sietsema Revisits 2941, Sushiko and More for His Spring Dining Guide

The critic takes a second look at some stalwarts.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Tom Sietsema's Spring Dining Guide is out. Per usual, the critic devotes this offering to revisiting previously reviewed restaurants to see which are improving and which may have slipped.

Some of the standouts: 2941 in Falls Church, which Sietsema had criticized for going more casual, seems to have found its footing, according to the critic. Blue Duck Tavern is back up to three stars under its current chef, Ryan La Roche. Bryan Voltaggio's Volt earns praise in Frederick, while Equinox gets singled out for its vegan offerings. Volt and Blue Duck get the best ratings, at 3 stars each.

Meanwhile, Ethiopic and Bibiana seem to have fallen a bit in the critic's estimation, while Marvin receives the guide's lowest rating, at 1.5 stars.