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The Early Word on Provision No. 14

" eating at the mad hatter's Thanksgiving table..."

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As the latest addition to 14th Street, Provision No. 14 has been getting lots of buzz for its large format cocktails, communal menu, and gorgeous interior. But can the new bar and restaurant by the Social Restaurant Group compete with so many other trendy spots in the neighborhood? Here's what Yelpers, bloggers, and even the Washington Post have to say so far.

The Love It or Hate It News: The combination restaurant and cocktail lounge has only been open for about three weeks, but it already has 48 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of 4 stars. Despite the relatively high overall rating, Provision No. 14 provokes strong feelings, both positive and negative, in diners. Yelper Mike D. writes, "Not sure where to begin, but Provision no.14  just WOWED me. I don't think anyone can deny that this is one of the most beautiful restaurant's in the city, and the food was absolutely delicious." But Yelper K.A. says, "The food meh. I've had hotter food at McDonald's." Yelper Lynn D. called the food "almost inedible." Yelper Mike C. says, "Feels like this place is more designed to suck the money out of the pockets of millennials who don't know better, than to introduce something different enough to stand out on the overserved 14th St corridor." [Yelp]

The Ambiance News: The restaurant's design mostly got raves. Yelper Justin L. writes, "The carefully planned, early 1900's traveling theme is worked in wonderfully. It looks like they even had antique fixtures throughout the establishment. Great ambiance." Yelper Sara B. also loved the decor. She writes, "Provision No. 14 is reminiscent of turn of the century travel when one had to journey for food and supplies. This vibe is created by their use of vintage luggage, crates, oil drum bar stools, columns made of distressed, reclaimed wood, etc. The attention to detail is unparalleled - I mean, there are couches elevated on piping! Yelper Chinita A. found the seating uncomfortable and the design too busy, likening it to "eating at the mad hatters thanksgiving table." [Yelp]

The Out of This World Short Rib News: Despite varied reviews of the food, diners loved the short ribs. Yelper Claudia C. says they "tasted as if they were slow cooked for hours." Yelper Jen D. writes, "For food we shared the short ribs which easily feed the four of us.  The meat was incredibly tender and cooked to perfection.  It came with a large roll to break pieces of for sharing and a mango slaw.  Delicious!" Yelper Emma Jean M. writes of the dish, "Chili braised short ribs, with a slightly smokey flavor, were out of this world." [Yelp]

The Fancy Hot Pocket news: The lamb-filled hot pocket had the highest novelty value of any dish on the opening menu. But did it live up to the hype? Danae V. wrote "The Hot Pocket was also reeeeally good!!  The bread was soooo yummy!" and Jessica C. said, "Each dish was very tasty, our favorite was the hot pocket- pastry filled with braised lamb served with mixed greens.  This was our favorite not only because of the flavor, but also the uniqueness of the dish." DC Wrapped Dates, however, was not at all impressed, "Even when the menu goes low, it seems to elicit shrugs: housemade hot pockets full of braised lamb are one note - and if they have a second note, it's one coming from the burnt underside." [Yelp, DC Wrapped Dates]

The French Press Cocktail News: Even diners who didn't like the food raved about the cocktails. In fact, Yelper Lynn D. wants diners to know that Provision No. 14 isn't really even a restaurant. She writes, "this is a cocktail bar, and only a cocktail bar." Fritz Hahn of the Washington Post enjoyed the large format French press cocktails. He writes of the drinks, "The tactile sensation of plunging the handle makes the drink fun and interactive, but a greater sense of satisfaction comes from being able to choose exactly what the drink tastes like." Yelper Caitlin B. highly recommends the grapefruit French press, but Yelper Mister D. maintains the large format drinks are "very expensive and contained 3 drinks (not the 5 it says on the menu)." [Yelp, WaPo]

The No Coffee with Dessert News: Yelper Caitlin B. tried to stretch out a rushed dinner with coffee and dessert, but the restaurant didn't have any coffee. Regardless, Yelper Justin L. says, "And you MUST leave room for the delectable desserts." Even DC Wrapped Dates writes, "Dessert is a slight step up: a croissant bread pudding is pretty fun, and a peach cobbler cheesecake is appealing, if heavy on the molasses." [Yelp]

The Inconsistent Service News: Service reviews are mixed so far. John N. writes, "What stands out for me after a recent visit is well, not much aside from the good looks of the place and attentive service." and Tamryn H. says, "We had the most entertaining and enthusiastic waiter who was very passionate about the drink selection." Miriam S. had a totally different experience. She writes, "Our waitress knew nothing about the menu and got our order wrong twice and forgot a dish. Someone else came over (maybe a manager?) and bought us a round to make up for it which was a nice touch." [Yelp]

The Attractive Crowd News:  Yelper Paul B. notes, "On the positive side, the space is nice and a very attractive crowd." The hot crowd was actually a problem for Yelper Matt W. who couldn't get the servers' attention. He writes, "Poor service. Bar tenders only serve you if you're an attractive female. Don't bother coming here otherwise. In fact, don't bother patronizing this place." [Yelp]

The Loud as Hell News: Several Yelpers complained about the noise level. Yelper Mister D. writes, "This is one of the louder restaurants I've been to... I have no idea why, but people were dropping silverware and it sounded like it was happening right next to our ears." Yelper K.A. has another explanation for the noise level: "The place is loud as hell also — maybe because everyone is complaining about how crappy and over priced the food is?"

Provision No. 14

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