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Drinking Vinegar; Good, Cheap Wine

And where to fill-up on barbecue.

Maketto, home to drinking vinegars.
Maketto, home to drinking vinegars.
R. Lopez

COOL DRINK WIRE—The team behind Honeycomb and Maketto are making flavored drinking vinegars possible, says Young & Hungry. Flavors include beet, maple, sumac and are served straight-up, with sugar and soda water or in cocktails. [Y&H]

GOOD WINE CHEAP—"Big Deal Wines at A Big Deal Steal" is now underway at Nage Bistro. It's a program that has hard-to-find wines at low prices — think $40-$99 a bottle. [EaterWire]

MMM, BARBECUE—DCist explains where to get great barbecue in the city — and stops on the sauce express include American Ice Company, Fat Pete's and Hill Country natch. [DCist]