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Restaurant Emoji; Bacon & Beer

And a new drinking spot.

Bacon & Beer Festival DC

Bacon 'n' Beer Galore— This weekend marks the second year of the DC Bacon and Beer Festival — a 2.5-hour celebration of brews and pork meat. A $45 or $60 ticket ensures access to bacon from purveyors including Art & Soul, Belga Cafe and Smoke & Barrel among others; beer's from Dogfish Head, Starr Hill and more. [Eat @ DC]

Emoji Fun— WaPo Express taken on the task of describing D.C.'s biggest restaurants in the most teen-friendly font ever: Emoji. Can you tell which emoji combo is Thai X-ing and which is Busboys and Poets? [WaPo Express]

DRINKSPLACE— EatsPlace, the location of many a food pop-up, has opened a bar: Drinkubator, reports New Columbia Heights. Drinks are both straightforward and inventive, and the food served is made within the EatsPlace kitchen. [NCH]