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Resy Launches in the D.C. Market, Targeting Those Who Will Pay for a Hot Table

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It follows on the heels of Table8.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Online reservations app Resy has launched in D.C., allowing customers to book hard-to-come-by tables (if they're willing to pay for them).

So far, restaurants including Peter Chang, Doi Moi, Tico, Mintwood Place, Sushi Taro and others have signed onto the service. The app will be free for the first two weeks in May. After that, diners pay up to $25 to snag a table through the system (some are free at non-peak times).

Resy has been operating in such cities as L.A. and New York. It's the second such service to launch in the D.C. market, following the debut of Table8.