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Endangered Dives; Bottomless Brunch Brawl

And a negroni to-do list.

Steak Frites from Medium Rare
Steak Frites from Medium Rare
Medium Rare

ARLINGTON— A handful of Arlington's dive bars — including Forest Inn and Cowboy Cafe — have been named to Preservation Arlington's "Most Endangered Historic Places" list. The list is intended to bring attention to historic buildings or places that play an important role in the community. [ARL Now]

NEGRONI NOW— It's Negroni Week across these United States — do you know where your Campari is? DCist explains just what this bitter classic is all about and where to grab one in the city this week. [DCist]

BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH— DC Redditors are sharing their picks for the best bottomless brunch in the city. And as one might guess, there are arguments (especially over the quality of Medium Rare.) [DC Reddit]