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3 Stars Breaks Into Canned Beer; Read the Menu Like a Critic

Plus, beer and wine for Sally's Middle Name.

A 3 Stars can label.
A 3 Stars can label.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

TAKOMA— 3 Stars Will debut its first beers in cans this summer. Up first: the Ghost White IPA and Citra Lemon. [EaterWire]

THE CRITICS— Todd Kliman's latest column is devoted to reading a menu like a critic. He gives advice on how to pick out certain themes in the menu and how to read between the lines for things like "placeholder" dishes or cues that something might not be made in-house. [Washingtonian]

ATLAS DISTRICT— Progress for Sally's Middle Name. The restaurant Tweets they'll be allowed to serve beer and wine on the menu tonight. [Twitter]