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The Early Word on Tupelo Honey Cafe in Arlington

"I feel as though they were a choir of deliciousness..."

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An Arlington location of Tupelo Honey Cafe, a modern but casual Southern chain from Asheville, opened last month. In such a short time, the restaurant has already amassed a whopping 51 Yelp reviews with an overall rating of four stars. The consensus is generally positive, save for a few complaints. Read on for the good news and bad news from diners.

The Familiar Menu News: Reactions to the restaurant's "New South cuisine" vary. Yelper Susan A. writes, "Tupelo Honey calls themselves "creative" or "modern American", but that's an exaggeration. They fit better in the traditional American category. Everything on the menu is very familiar." The menu actually reminds Yelper Ryan Z. of "an upscale Cracker Barrel." But Yelper Trang H. thinks it's similar to "Founding Farmers with their home-style Southern dishes." Yelper ML F. appreciates the "outstanding menu of many varied choices."  [Yelp]

The Deliciously Sweet Lemonade News: The restaurant's "signature house-made drinks" are a big hit with diners so far. Blogger Bapboy is a fan of the "tart" lavender limeade and the "deliciously sweet" rosemary-peach lemonade. Yelper Chad K. also recommends the peach flavor and calls it one of the best lemonades he's ever had. [Bapboy, Yelp]

The To Die For Biscuits News: The free biscuits get near universal praise from diners. Yelper Matt R. writes, "The complimentary biscuits with jam and honey were incredible; they were fresh out of the oven and really warm." Yelper Jenny T. describes them as "fresh, warm, buttery, with a dash of flavor sprinkled on top." Yelper Jeffrey L. also calls them "to die for" and Richard L. calls them the best he's ever had. [Yelp]

The Measly Portions News: Some diners call the portion sizes perfect, while others wouldn't mind if they were a bit larger. Yelper Ryan Z. says, "Portions are on the small side, especially for the price," and Yelper Sarah M. thinks her country breakfast plate was "measly looking." But Yelper Rachel P. writes, "The portions were generous but not totally overboard," and Yelper Cole U. thinks they're "great" and even took home some leftovers. [Yelp]

The Phenomenal Veggies News: Several diners were pleasantly surprised by the selection of unique vegetable side dishes. Yelper Angel S. thinks the cardamom carrots are "really delicious." Yelper Jenny T. agrees but says they were a bit undercooked and could use more cardamom flavor. She also thinks the benne asparagus is "phenomenal" and Yelper Nate W. calls it "fantastic." Yelper Chad. K. raves about another veggie dish. He writes, "The kale and carrot salad is amazing and I rarely say that about dishes that don't have meat." [Yelp]

The Spectacular Fried Chicken News: There are several fried chicken dishes on the menu, and diners generally liked all of them. Yelper Rachel P. writes, "All of the variations of fried chicken at TH are fantastic." Foursquare member Kristen Divine calls the fried chicken BLT sandwich "extremely good," Yelper Jenny K. calls the curried fried chicken "very tender and tasty" and Yelper Chad K. calls the breading on the nutty fried chicken "spectacular." Blogger Bapboy also calls the Chicken Taco Trio with fried chicken and apple slaw "a choir of deliciousness." Yelper Paul C., however, was disappointed that all of the fried chicken is boneless. He writes, "Really?........Southern food and no bone-in fried Chicken?" [FS, Yelp, Bapboy]

The Knock Your Socks Off Dessert News: Some were disappointment that a Southern restaurant offered only two dessert options, but most liked both the banana pudding and the pecan pie. Yelper Ryan Z. calls the desserts "amazing" but says the pie in particular is "like totally knock-your-socks-off-I'm-coming-back-just-for-the-pie good." Yelper Angel S. is more restrained and calls it, "pretty darn tasty with just the right amount of sweetness." But Yelper Danni D. says she "didn't care much for it." [Yelp]

The Wonderful Patio News: The outdoor seating area with table umbrellas is gets approval from diners. Yelper Saam T.writes, "They have a wonderful outdoor patio area that seats plenty of people." Yelper Joseph S. remarks that it looks "nice on a cool evening" and Yelper Maria-Elena T. thinks the patio is particularly attractive "since the place is on a quiet side street." [Yelp]

Tupelo Honey

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