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Rose's Luxury Sidelined Yesterday; Momofuku Gets Building Permit

Plus, plans for a meadery are in the works.

Rose's Luxury
Rose's Luxury
R. Lopez

TEMPORARY SHUTTERS— A couple of maintenance hiccups temporarily shut down some popular restaurants this week. Last night, Rose's Luxury was sidelined due to basement flooding, which is where their walk-in refrigerator is located (customers were compensated with gift cards). A small hood fire means that Range is also closed for the day. [Eaterwire/Twitter]

PERMITS— Washington Business Journal reports Momofuku's D.C. outpost got its permit yesterday to build out 11,252 square feet and accommodate up to 268 occupants. Kinship from Eric Ziebold was also approved. [WBJ]

MEAD— D.C. could get a meadery soon, according to the Washington Post Express. Brewer Sean Simmons hopes to make and sell the honey wine as Mobius Meadery. He's currently looking for property in Ivy City. [Express]